Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You’ll probably have some questions before you book your parasailing adventure. Below are the questions we’re asked most often. Click a question to view its answer.

We have harnesses that are designed to fit people from ages 4 up to 94.
Yes, Minimum weight is usually around 120lbs or 55kgs. Maximum weight can be up to 450lbs or 200kgs this can change hourly depending on the weather conditions and the strength of the wind. Minimum and maximum weights are combined weight, so if someone does not make the minimum weight they may have to go as a tandem but they can definitely still go. If the combined weight is over the maximum weight you may be required to turn a tandem into two singles or a triple into a tandem and a single.
Each charter can last up to one hour; individual flights last approximately 10 to 15 minutes depending on how busy we are. The parachute is our best source of advertising therefore we tend to leave the parachute in the air longer when we are not so busy.
Yes, we have catered to many disabilities such as blindness, MS, Quadriplegia and the elderly aged up to 87 years of age. Give us a call to find out more.
The length of the rope will determine how high you go. You have two choices, either 100 meters of rope making you 50 meters above the water or 200 meters putting you up to 100 meters above Lake Okanagan.
No, first of all we have many participants that are afraid of heights, all of them return to the boat with a smile on their face. If you’re afraid of heights please inform the crew. Before you participate you will be instructed on how to use hand signals to inform the captain of your desired height and comfort level.
Yes, for an additional fee (see price list). Viewers are welcome, however participants take priority. Our vessel holds 10 passengers and 2 crew members, we try our best to keep room for viewers but during busy times viewers are bumped for participants.
Yes, discounts are available during off-peak times, for corporate events, for private charters, or for bucks and stag parties. 4 people is not a group.
Yes, the City of Kelowna require that we carry a $2,000,000 public liability insurance policy.
No, commercial parasailing with an experienced captain and state of the art equipment is not dangerous. Owners of Eldorado Parasail, Luke and Rob, have 20 years of combined experience without so much as a single incident. Routine equipment and mechanical checks daily ensure the quality of our charters and safety of our clients.
Eldorado Parasail strongly recommends parasailing earlier in the day. 10am and 11am are the smoothest rides as the wind and swell usually start to pick up in the early evening.