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Have you ever wished you had the ability to fly? Well this experience will be a dream come true! Experience the ultimate thrill with our 10-minute solo parasail flight. Get ready for unparalleled views while you enjoy the freedom and excitement of parasailing on your own!

Tandem or Triple

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Double or even triple your excitement with this unforgettable parasailing adventure! Two or three guests can soar side-by-side for 10 minutes, experiencing the thrill and beauty of Okanagan Lake from a bird’s eye view. This is the perfect choice for friends or family who are looking for some adrenaline and smiles.

Early Bird Special

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Okanagan water sport for the whole family

The early bird special is a favourite for families and groups! Enjoy a thrilling 10-minute parasail flight for two or three people, seated side-by-side. Start your day with laughs and excitement with this discounted parasail adventure for early-risers.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Find a lower price on the same Okanagan-based activity and we’ll not just match it, we’ll BEAT it by 5%.

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Okanagan water sport for the whole family

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  • MON – SUN
  • Stay dry or GET WET
  • Scenic boat ride included
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Luke and Ogopogo Parasailing team member boating
experience the breathtaking views of the Okanagan from high above the lake

Who We Are

With over 40 years of experience, the team at Kelowna Parasail takes your fun and safety seriously. There’s no better way to see the city and experience the breathtaking views of the Okanagan than soaring high above the lake with 360-degree panoramic views.

Canada’s #1 great outdoors adventure


We have 3 different parasailing options. You can parasail – Solo (1 person), Tandem (2 people) or Triple (3 people).

Each parasail flight is approximately 8-10 minutes. You will spend around 30-60 minutes out on the lake all depending on how many other guests are also parasailing 😊

We can parasail from ages 4 and up. That’s right, you’re never too old to parasail!

A minimum weight of 150lbs and a maximum of 500lbs is required to safely parasail. Because we can parasail up to 3 people at one time, the overall weight will be determined on your choice of whether you parasail with 1 (solo), 2 (tandem) or 3 (triple) people.

You can stay completely dry, ONLY if you wish that is. Part of the REAL excitement of parasailing is asking the captain to dunk you in the water! Even if you can’t swim, with your provided life jacket on, being dunked in the lake is 100% safe but 1000% fun!!!! 😊

Depending on weather conditions you’ll fly like a bird and can reach heights of up to 300 feet! It’s an AMAZING view up there! However, if you’d like to fly lower just ask your parasail boat captain and they will be only happy to accommodate.

As long as you hold onto it very tight, then yes you can! For peace of mind, we do offer affordable photo and GoPro video packages you can enquire about and pay for at our location during check-in.

Downtown Kelowna BABY!

The BEST parasail location this side of the moon to enjoy Canada’s #1 great outdoors adventure. Located near the downtown Kelowna Visitors Centre.